Gottliebs Hot Shot

This is a picture of The Hot Shot Playfield but not the one I'm working on, Haven't had time to scan a pic yet.
The story behind this machine is interesting. I was given the machine if I would come get it!

It was in a fraternity house, Playfield glass pieces everywhere, Pop bumber smashed, Ball missing, not working at all
you get the picture. After about $200 later it works but, lacks a backglass, It was shattered too!
I won't give up on this game it has a nice pool design to it and plays great!

Intersting Hot Shot Stats:
  • Released to public for sale in September 1973
  • 4 Player Square Head (also produced "Big Shot" a Two player version in January 1994)
  • Produced 9,000 Games
  • 14 Targets to shoot at!

    Where did I get parts for restoration?

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