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THIS PAGE always under construction but, here are my machines so far:

My first pachinko machine, I don't even know the name, but it is a Nishijin Deluxe recycler in perfect working condition FUN!

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Here is my second Machine a Sankyo Bunnies from the 90's electronic Ball eater I call it!

Here is my Diachi, Its pretty cool, easy to win, & Pays 10 balls on all jackpots.

Check out the flush wall mount, access is provided by a closet just behind the wall.

Here are my two latest machines: A Sankyo Train, and a Nishijin Nonrecycler in a custom built wall rack.

I stole this idea from used here with permission. Installed nylon cord to open machine fronts.

NOTE the white cord hanging on the side of the train and the other machine.

Above is Kickthefog's setup with Club Paradise in the wallmount cabinet. These are real easy to make.

See Pachinko Technical pages for more info.

NOTE: The lock has been removed and a ceiling fan style cord installed in its place to open the machine.

Who is Kick The Fog? Check it Out Click Here!

Lots more pictures to come!

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