Big D's Repair Connection

Want to learn how to fix your EM or SS System 80 game yourself? Below are a few links on the net to do just that!

  • Gottlieb EM (Electro-Mechanical) and SS (Solid State System 80) Repair/Restoration Guides (ALL Excellent!)

  • Gottlieb System One Schematics Download!

  • Thorough System One Explained - W/Schematics & More!
  • PinBall Machine Owners Manual Resource/Upload site!

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • If you have a game thats not working get the schematics they will save you hours of trouble shooting!
  • If you don't have a digital multimeter get one! they are invaluable for testing the simplest connections bulbs,etc.
  • A set of contact adjusting tools is a must for all EM machine repair, $2.74 at PBR!
  • I use a contact burnishing tool to clean older EM contacts (Opinions vary)
  • A two inch piece of 3/8" rubber fuel line works well for inserting and removing lamps in small places.
  • Get a work light, Clamp on style available at most walmarts ($6), get a rough service bulb while your at it!
  • Liquid Wrench(tm) and WD-40 Work well and those stubborn rusted, frozen, leg adjusters.
  • Game rejecting coins when the game is on? check coin lockout coil is working @ wire is not bent.
  • Use only number 47 Lamps in Backboards they run cooler and will save your backglass Paint!
  • Use 44 Lamps on the playfield they generate more heat but are brighter!
  • Keep any parts found in the cabinet! they came from somewhere didn't they?
  • Level palyfield (Left to Right) on glass, near front, The middle, and at just before the backbox.
  • Set playfield posts to liberal you'll have higher scores but more fun!
  • To set free play (EM) short contact at replay reel post, it opens when the reel hits zero See Your Schematics.
    More Tips and Tricks to come!

    If you live in the Milwaukee Area and can't find anyone to fix your pinball machine shoot me an Email. If I can't fix it I might ba able to give a contact or two who can.

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